Construction and renewal

New construction or renewal, working with us is to build a reliable and durable house with quality services and guarantees.
Choose architectural elegance at the best value with EIB Concept.

Will you realize your dream and own your own home? Many people share this ambition.

EIB Concept has been offering individual home plans to individuals since 2007. We are experienced home builders with some 300 realisations, the EIB Group is at work throughout the central part of Thailand: Bangkok, Chonburi, Siracha, Pattaya, Rayong…

EIB Concept manufacturer guarantees

In terms of financing, duration of construction or possible delays during the project, EIB Concept provides you with all the guarantees for the construction of your home. They give you full transparency. Our experience has improved over the years.

Customizable interior and exterior house plans
Compatible with disabled standards
Guaranteed thermal insulation
Multiple possible configurations (single-storey, GF+1, floor, flat roof, angled, etc.)
From the beginning, we put in place a series of rules and standards that ensure construction with quality finishes. We also rigorously maintain the safety of the site during the project.

The reputation of our company is also due to the level of finish and the architectural beauty of our houses. Biennial warranty, property damage insurance, etc.
With EIB Concept, you will be able to successfully complete the most important project of your life.

Our latest construction and renewal

You want to create or refresh your home. Then contact our construction and renewal department.


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