Will you realize your dream and own your own home? Many French people share this ambition.

EIB Concept has been offering individual home plans to individuals since 2005. We are experienced home builders with some 300 constructions, the EIB Group is at work throughout the central part of Thailand: Bamgkok, Chonburi, Pattaya, Rayong…

A network of experts in habitat construction

Building your home instead of buying an existing home has a number of positive aspects.

The first is that we imagine the house exactly corresponding to his desires and needs.

Together with our network of experts, you can make the perfect home for you and your family.

Thanks to your construction contract for an individual home, we take charge of the entire project and you have a maximum of guarantees.All the information, particularly on construction costs and deadlines, is put forward. From the design of the plans to the delivery of your home, we stand by your side at all stages of the project. We are your single point of contact. At all times, we ensure compliance with energy standards.

EIB Concept puts all its skills into realizing your habitat dreams.


EIB Concept manufacturer guarantees

In terms of financing, length of construction or possible setbacks during the project, Habitat Concept provides you with all the guarantees for the construction of your home. They give you full transparency. Our experience has improved over the years.

Customizable interior and exterior house plans
Compatible with disabled standards
Thermal optimization
Multiple possible configurations (floor, floor, R+1, cubic, corner, etc.)
From the beginning, we put in place a series of rules and standards that ensure construction with quality finishes. We also rigorously maintain the safety of the site during the project.


Your swimmingpool

Creating exceptional pools, swimmingpool DESIGN designs and realizes contemporary pools of high quality throughout the region of Pattaya.

Because each space is different, we carry out customized projects in harmony with your living space: whether they are overflow pools, mirror pools, indoor pools or swimming lanes, we transform your universe into a place of escape and beauty.

All our creations respond to your desires by adapting to the configuration of your space (garden, terrace, basement, verandas, etc.) as well as the architecture of your home.

The creative process leaves no room for chance. The elegance and aesthetics of our pools combine perfectly with comfort and solidity.

Shipping contener house specialist

Our core business is building houses made of sea containers. We have surrounded ourselves with the best. Do the same with your construction project!

There are two main ways to build your home.The first is to hire a builder who will deliver a turnkey product. The second is to do everything yourself, with all the risks that this can entail.

Whether you choose one or the other, you will go through the same construction steps: cutting for openings, linking containers, foundations, purchasing containers and many others.

Ironwork & automatic gate

As craftsmen we master the work of steel and aluminium, but can also offer you portals, doors or doors in PVC.

We advise you on the choice of model that will best suit your habits and the architectural spirit of your habitat with moving, sliding, contemporary solutions, Both standard and custom dimensions.

We produce all our products in our workshop in Pattaya. The paints are applied by polyester powder coating and oven cooking to give you a great freedom in the choice of color and texture with an excellent hold over time.

To offer you a complete service, we also intervene for the repair or replacement of your metal locks.

Custom furniture

We manufacture tailor-made products, putting our carpenter know-how at the service of our customers, integrating innovation into our production processes, and respecting the essence of our merit, the love of work well done.

Since 2005, the strength of our company is based on our know-how, our involvement, the quality of the support and the listening we show for each project.
Our carpenters are qualified in manufacturing, layout and installation and our technicians are specialized in project study, diagnostics and consulting.

Do you want to beautify your interior or simply create tailor-made facilities to make your daily life easier? Call on EIB Concept!Whether it is for windows, doors & stairs, wardrobes, reception bank, parquet or even partitions we can answer your requests.

With state-of-the-art equipment served by qualified and experienced teams! We have the means to make your dream a reality!

Sign & brand


Know-how in the construction and installation of store signs for more than 10 years!

Our design and design office will be able to adapt your visual identity, according to your criteria and the specificities of the location of your sign elements. We will work together on the development and manufacture of your banner project, fine-tuning the details, the colors, the materials used to obtain the banner that corresponds to your tastes and your budget.

Our graphic designers provide engineering to perfect the match between your ideas and the technique. The quality service will guarantee you a qualitative and reliable advertising banner.We guarantee our services, our materials, and we guarantee all our work in case of problems.

You want more information contact us, our team will be happy to answer you.

Contact us

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