Shipping container home

 Shipping container home

There are two main ways to build your home.The first is to call on a manufacturer who will deliver a product turnkey your home container.The second is to do everything yourself, with all the risks that this can entail.

Whether you choose one or the other, you will go through the same construction steps: cutting for openings, linking containers, foundations, purchasing containers and many others. For more information, refer to the Build page.

Specializing in the construction of container house in Thailand but also abroad for more than 10 years, EIB Concept will be pleased to accompany you in your project

These low-cost homes, which appeared in China in the 1990s, were converted into makeshift housing. We now have shipping container home in Thailand and all over the world that are available for several different uses. What’s with the craze?

What a crazy idea to live in a house made of containers! However, container buildings appeared in Europe as early as the 2000s. First in London by the architect Eric Reynolds and then by the student campus of Amsterdam in 2003 to make housing at a lower cost, the projects blossom in France shortly thereafter.

The advantages are certain but the main reason mentioned is the speed of construction which has attracted the public authorities.

On trouve aujourd’hui des maisons containers de particuliers en Australie, Californie, Angleterre, France et au Québec (la liste ne cesse de s’allonger). Méconnu des professionnels, le concept de ces habitations est malgré tout porté par des architectes de renom et les projets souvent réalisés en auto-construction.

En France, peu d’entreprises proposent ce type de prestation. De plus, il existe très peu d’informations et les questions techniques ont du mal à trouver des réponses. ‘Ma maison container’ tentera de vous apporter ces réponses.


You want to realize the shipping container home of your dreams, the one that corresponds to your style.

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